Cincinnati City Councilmember and Northside resident, Reggie Harris, speaks at the gateway sign ribbon-cutting. Photo provided

By Kate Luebkeman

Northside Neighborhood members and civil leaders, as well as community and City of Cincinnati leaders were present earlier in November to unveil the new Northside Gateway Sign and to uplift the collaborative revitalization work happening in the neighborhood. The sign is at the intersection of Spring Grove Ave. and Hamilton Ave. (4000 Hamilton Ave.).

Gateway signs are road signs typically at the border of a neighborhood, welcoming those entering the community. The importance and meaning of gateway signs to a community鈥檚 identity is indisputable, and many neighborhoods are working hard to ensure their 鈥渇irst impression鈥 is representative by working with the City on these signs.

The Northside Business Association took up this project in partnership with the City of Cincinnati鈥檚 Department of Economic and Community Development and Department of Transportation and Engineering after a process of ideation, planning and creation. The finished gateway sign now serves as the neighborhoods鈥 鈥渨elcome鈥 for decades to come.

Northside Community Council President Bree Moss speaks at the gateway sign ribbon-cutting. Photo provided

鈥淭his new Northside sign designates the entry to the small but mighty Northside Business District (NBA) and Neighborhood that boasts the best record store in Cincinnati, is home to a 50-year-old diner, and has bars that feature original music from bands across the county without a cover charge,鈥 said Tim Jeckering, President, NBA.

鈥淣orthside residents see themselves as urban bohemians who treasure their 4th of July Parade, neighborhood walkability, and historic porches that are living rooms for the unique streetscape that defines this neighborhood.

鈥淲ith this new sign, Northsiders are welcoming all to our community, so come one, come all, we are here for you!鈥 聽 聽

Cincinnati Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED) Development Manager Greg Koehler speaks at the gateway sign ribbon-cutting. Photo provided

鈥淭his placemaking emblem dignifies, revitalizes, re-energizes, and informs of our reputation for being an inclusive community and safe haven for individualism. Northside Community Council sincerely values our relationships with the Northside Business Association and all members of this community as collaboratively we empower this positive force within our city,鈥 said Bree Moss, President, NCC.

鈥淣orthside is making a huge comeback, and the gateway is symbolic for some of that incredible progress. My hope is that the City鈥檚 continued investment in pedestrian safety and placemaking, like we鈥檝e done here, opens the door for transformative investment in more of our communities that need it most,鈥 Moss added.

Other participants in the event included Cincinnati Councilmember Reggie Harris, Jon Holthaus, President, Holthaus Lackner Sign Makers, Mark Caudill, Holthaus Lackner Signs, and Northsiders Engaged in Sustainable Transformation (NEST).

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