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Dr. Nathan Long, a Cincinnati native and current president of Saybrook University in Pasadena, California, has pledged his commitment to helping affected Union Institute & University students continue their education elsewhere.聽

In a statement, Long said, 鈥淭he cancellation of the fall term and seemingly inevitable closing of The Union Institute and University has unfortunately become a too-common occurrence in communities around the U.S. in recent years. This decision creates tremendous disruption for students, faculty,鈥痑nd their families. As the 鈥痠nstitution鈥檚 more than 1,500 students struggle鈥 to 鈥痠dentify 鈥痭ext steps, 鈥疭aybrook 鈥疷niversity stands ready to assist 鈥痶hem 鈥痠n providing 鈥痑 path to complete their education.聽Saybrook鈥檚 Spring Semester begins January 8, 2024.

Confusion continues as the future of a local college is still uncertain after mounting financial problems. Union Institute & University has now been evicted from its Walnut Hills location. All courses at Union have recently been online.聽

The U.S. Department of Education sent a letter to the Union Institute and University, claiming Union owes its students $750,000 in federal financial aid. It said the university has not paid salaries in three pay periods, and few staff members remain.

Leaders at Union Institute & University cancelled its first Fall Session, saying they needed more time to disperse financial aid to students. Classes were supposed to start again on November 6, but that did not happen.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Tom Frederick sent an email to students just three days before classes were supposed to start back up. It said the second fall session had also been canceled and courses would resume in January.

Frederick advised students that five programs will be ‘taught out’ next year. According to the U.S. Department of Education, a teach out agreement is a contract between schools which allows a student to finish their program at another school. Students in social work, business management, psychology, organizational leadership and dietetics and nutrition will be impacted by this.

Dr. Nathan Long, who obtained his masters and doctorate degree at the University of Cincinnati and worked with Union from 2005 to 2007, said Union and Saybrook have similar missions, programs and degree offerings.

鈥淭he big issue for Union students wishing to transfer to Saybrook is to make sure we can get an official transcript from Union, so they can transfer to another institution. When we receive their transcripts, we can then figure out where they are in getting back on track. 聽 Other colleges are doing same, with the students caught in the crossfire. The Union students and faculty will need to work with the Union administration to get their unofficial transcripts. Once we receive those, we can evaluate their situation on a case-by-case basis,” he said.

Long added he recommend potential transfer students first contact the Union faculty, then reach out to to the Saybrook administration at, which is ready to support them.

Long said Saybrook has similar fees as Union, as well as a variety of scholarships and discounts.聽

鈥淚f Union students come to us, we have options, with most programs non-residential except for clinical programs. We can accommodate as many students who want to transfer, as we are growing and could add faculty,鈥 he said.

Saybrook is part of a system of colleges and universities out of Chicago, he added.聽

鈥淲hat is important is they do not lose sight of higher education in their dreams. My advice is for those students to keep the faith, until a聽solution can be found for them. I have a place in my heart for Cincinnati, and my hope is we can find a pathway for them.鈥

He noted that Saybrook is predominately filled with graduate students , and its student population is very similar in type to Union鈥檚. In fact, Saybrook has a large Ohio contingent and a significant population of students of color (48%), including Black, Indigenous and Latino students.聽

Long joined Saybrook in 2014, when enrollment was at 400. Today enrollment there is at 1,100.

According to Saybrook University information, 鈥淔or over 50 years, Saybrook has challenged students to become independent thinkers who value and understand the interconnectivity of everything they experience. This approach aids the longevity and holistic impact of their careers. Our global community consists of scholars and leaders united in the commitment to create a humane and sustainable world.鈥

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  1. As a former employee, actually still retaining undergraduate faculty adjunct status, it is disheartening to see the situation UIU has found itself in. I have been with UIU for almost 18 years and know its mission and values very well. How this could happen is very confusing, as administration was always forthright and knowledgeable. I would be saddened if they decide to close their doors completely.

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