Photo shows Roselawn community members honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day by cleaning up trash in the community. Photo by Peter Osborne

By Peter Osborne

Great Parks and the Roselawn Community Council are gave back to the Roselawn neighborhood with the second annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Community Cleanup. Volunteers met at the Nature Center at the Summit on Martin Luther King Jr., Day, Monday, January 15, before walking out into the neighborhood to collect litter and recyclables. After the hard work, everyone returned to the Summit for open house programming from Great Parks and light refreshments.

Congress has designated the third Monday in January as the Martin Luther King, Jr.聽 National Day of Service, on which people are encouraged to come together to improve their communities. Participants can take action by cleaning up a public space, mentoring, providing food to those in need, or other activities that strengthen the community.

Nature Center at The Summit is a special collaboration with Great Parks and New Prospect Baptist Church, providing children and families with park-related services that open gateways to nature exploration.

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