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Morgan Angelique Owens,

Chief Creative Beauty Consultant

If you’re gearing up for a Super Bowl party or just want to show your team spirit, you can incorporate fun beauty ideas to complement the game day excitement. Here are some Super Bowl beauty ideas:

Team Colors Nail Art:

  • Paint your nails in the colors of your favorite team or both teams if you’re neutral. You can add football-themed nail art like tiny footballs, goalposts, or team logos.

Team Spirit Makeup:

  • Experiment with eye makeup in your team’s colors. Create a bold eye look using eyeshadows, liners, or even temporary face tattoos featuring your team’s logo or mascot.

Sports-themed Temporary Tattoos:

  • Apply temporary tattoos of footballs, helmets, or your team’s logo to add a playful touch. These can be applied on your face, arms, or even nails.

Jersey-inspired Outfit:

  • If you have a jersey or team shirt, coordinate your makeup with the colors. You can go for a more casual, sporty look to match the theme.

Game Day Hair Accessories:

  • Accessorize your hair with team-colored scrunchies, hair ties, or headbands. You can also try creating fun braids or ponytails with ribbons in your team’s colors.

Football-themed Hair Clips:

  • Find or create hair clips shaped like footballs, helmets, or goalposts. These accessories can add a touch of whimsy to your hairstyle.

Sporty Fragrance:

  • Opt for a fresh and sporty fragrance to enhance the game day atmosphere. Scents with notes of citrus or greenery can be refreshing and fitting for the occasion.

Game Face Makeup:

  • If you’re feeling bold, create a “game face” makeup look with face paint. This could include drawing football stitches on your cheeks or creating a helmet-inspired design.

Team Spirit Temporary Hair Color:

  • If you’re feeling particularly spirited, consider temporary hair color in your team’s colors. This can be a fun and temporary way to showcase your support.

Super Bowl-themed Manicure:

  • Get creative with your nail art by incorporating football-themed designs. You can use nail decals, stickers, or paint footballs, goalposts, or jerseys on your nails.

Remember to have fun with these ideas and adapt them to your personal style. Whether you’re hosting a Super Bowl party or attending one, these beauty ideas can add an extra element of excitement to the game day festivities.

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