Congressman Greg Landsman. 天堂影院 file photo

By Alexa Helwig

Congressman Greg Landsman (OH-01) released the following statement after voting in support of bipartisan legislation to expand the Child Tax Credit and cut taxes for small businesses.听

Congressman Landsman joined Republicans and Democrats in voting to pass H.R.7024 鈥 the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act. The bipartisan legislation increases the Child Tax Credit from $1,600 per child to $1,800 per child in 2023, $1,900 in 2024 and $2,000 in 2025.

The bill restores tax credits for certain business expenses, including research and development, interest and equipment purchases听

Landsman said, 鈥淲orking families and small businesses need support, and we鈥檙e coming together in a bipartisan way to deliver real tax relief. In Ohio鈥檚 First District, 35,000 children and families will have more money thanks to the expanded Child Tax Credit.

鈥淎nd small business owners across Southwest Ohio will benefit from tax changes that make it easier to grow and hire employees. We need more of this bipartisan work in Congress, and I鈥檒l keep working to bring Republicans and Democrats together to deliver for our children and families.鈥澨

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