Photo by Tony Arrasmith/Arrasmith & Associates


Bram Stoker鈥檚 classic vampire tale comes back to life in this evocative world premiere where everyone has a secret鈥nd those secrets are deadly. Lifelong friends Mina and Lucy share intimate details about the men in their lives. Dr Seward works to unlock the mystery of Renfield鈥檚 strange affliction with the help of his friend Van Helsing, who carries her own secret. Jonathan Harker returns from Transylvania with a dark disclosure. As tensions rise, temptation lures them into double lives as they unmask one man, Count Dracula. Created by Vanessa Severo (Frida鈥 Self Portrait) and Playhouse Associate Artistic Director Joanie Schultz, this bold, highly theatrical re-telling breathes new life and new blood into the most famous vampire story of all time and pulses with humor, humanity and blood-curdling thrills.

Dracula is recommended for adults and older teenagers. This theatrical re-telling features the most famous vampire of all time, so it鈥檚 no spoiler to say there are some sexual situations and violence 鈥 although mostly presented in an implied or stylized fashion 鈥 and, of course, blood is depicted on stage. Otherwise, it wouldn鈥檛 be Dracula.

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